Tara Field Counselling and Consulting

In addition to my counselling services, I am available as a consultant on the topics of Grief and Loss, End-of-Life, MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying), LGBTQ, and Gender Identity/Transitioning to individuals, families, companies, institutions, and organizations.

My presentation style is candid, down-to-earth, and, often, humourous. I am able to make comfortable uncomfortable conversations, and provide time and space for profound learning to take place.

I am also available to facilitate groups.

Grief and Loss

My years of working in hospice palliative care have given me immeasurable goose-bump moments and a life perspective unique to those who confront the reality of death on a daily basis. I have facilitated many various presentations and educational sessions bringing current knowledge and practices to the public.


Having the privilege of spending years in the company of individuals in various stages of life—from new palliative diagnoses to imminent death—has taught me invaluable lessons. I pass on this knowledge to individuals facing their own end-of-life or others interested in learning more about the part of life our society prefers to ignore.


Medical Assistance in Dying is a medical procedure now legal across Canada to qualifying adults. I have supported individuals and families both struggling with the decision whether or not to use this service and, once deciding to do so, through the MAiD process. As a mental health professional, I neither promote nor encourage individuals to choose MAiD. I offer consultation services to educate individuals facing qualifying health challenges and the general public about all palliative care options.


I offer educational and supportive consultation services on many LGBTQ topics and experiences.

I invite you to phone me at 647.554.4764 to discuss how my consultation services can improve your knowledge and awareness of these life transitions.